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Amalgam Vs. Composite Fillings

A New Kind of Dental Filling

Have you ever seen a tooth with a silver filling in it? Not the most aesthetically pleasing material that we can put in our mouth is it? That is why we are proud to give our patients the best that the dental world has to offer! Composite fillings have taken the place of those old out dated amalgam fillings and we are glad to offer the best and highest quality composite.

Amalgam also know as “silver fillings” are a thing of the past in our office for many reasons. Back before composite was available the amalgam was used to fill in the space where the Doctor had to remove tooth structure due to bacteria growth. Those fillings over the years would leak bacteria as they pulled away from the tooth, as well as expand causing microfractures in the tooth structure.

Composite Fillings are Better

Composite or “tooth colored” filling material is a much more durable, and visually appealing filling material for our mouth. It blends seemlessly with the tooth and can be used to fill in the smallest grooves and crevices so that large holes are not having to be made in the tooth where not needed.

Replace Your Dental Fillings

Many our of patients have us remove old silver fillings and replace them with the beautiful white composite fillings in order to protect the tooth from possible fracture and decay that can form around the amalgam. We love when our patients can look in the mirror and not even see the filling that we have done!

In a world where we strive for perfection in our smile it is great to have a composite material that mimicks the properties of our teeth giving us a look and feel we desire.

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