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At McKell/Packer Dental we believe in placing the best Implants that the Dental Field has to offer. Using state of the art technology our Doctors can check bone density and positioning to ensure that your implant is placed precisely every time!

No one ever expects that their teeth are going to have to be removed due to truama, damage, extreme decay or fracture but in fact these things happen at an alarming rate. The loss of a tooth happens so frequently that almost everyone will have lost an adult tooth by the time they are 75 years old! While that isn’t great news for us, the good news is that Implants can replace those teeth!

Some implants on the market today can cause bone loss or fail due to failed parts or improper placement. With our system and brand of implants we are proud to see minimal bone loss on properly cared for implants. Implants are far easier to take care of than their counter part the Bridge. When an implant is placed you don’t have to involve any other teeth in the preparation of that area which is great because it means we do not need to affect the integrity of the adjacent tooth.

McKell/Packer Dental takes pride in great implants, fast healing, and beautiful restorations. If you are in need of a Dental Implant, come in for a free consultation today with one of our Doctors!

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