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  • This office is the best!!! I love how friendly everyone is and how willing they are to work with me and my husband when we are running late. I can always get in if there is... read more

    Deborah Thomas Avatar Deborah Thomas
  • Dr McKell's office is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and always is happy to see me and remembers me even when I only come in every 6 months 🙂 I love that they are always on time with appointments... read more

    Gillian Chavez Avatar Gillian Chavez
  • Dr. McKell is the best dentist I have ever been to. He is a perfectionist and I have loved how he has taken care of my teeth for almost 14 years now. He always checks to see if I... read more

    Lynne J. Avatar Lynne J.
  • My family LOVES our dentist and staff. Not many people I know can say that even their kids love the dentist. They care about you as a person as much as they care about your teeth. I dreaded dental work... read more

    Lisa Patterson Avatar Lisa Patterson
  • An all-around great dental experience. (I didn’t think that was possible!)

    Lisa B. Avatar Lisa B.
  • Great experience! Thorough, courteous and timely! Highly recommended!

    Raylene Hadley Avatar Raylene Hadley
  • I personally hate going to any dentist out of fear. On top of that, I’ve had terrible experience with procedures that went wrong and lead to possible law suits. That said, I was not looking forward to my next cleaning.... read more

    Jeremy Parker Avatar Jeremy Parker
  • I’m so glad I found Mckell / Packer dental!! Dr Packer is so personable and so nice. He addresses all your concerns and works with you to get you the smile you want. He explains everything as he is doing... read more

    Natalie S. Avatar Natalie S.
  • Dr. Mckell really cares about my dental health and the end result. He is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve superior results! Thanks!

    Alesa Pettit Avatar Alesa Pettit
  • This office is awesome from the minute you step in the door. The whole staff is friendly, fun, and very capable. Dr. McKell is gentle and works to make sure everything is perfect. Can't say enough good... read more

    Beth Perkins Avatar Beth Perkins
  • I've been trying to find a new dentist for a while, and have tried a few others in the valley, but this is the best one I've been to.


    - The receptionists are really friendly

    - The dental assistants are... read more

    Leann Allred Avatar Leann Allred
  • Dr. Mckell is so amazing! When I get fills done they are done so well you can't even tell where they were done. He make me feel very comfortable about what is going on in my mouth and making things... read more

    Aubrey Craft Avatar Aubrey Craft
  • I love Dr. Packer and his staff! I recommend him to all my friends and family. Dr. Packer is extremely considerate and patient. I hated the dentist office growing up and coming to this dentist office has put my fears... read more

    Julia D. Avatar Julia D.
  • I love love love this dentist office! They treat me so well and if you are afraid of shots then Shelby will hook you up. You don’t even feel it! My family and I love them and have... read more

    Emily W. Avatar Emily W.
  • Dr. Packer and his staff are amazing. They really make sure everything is done correctly and how you like it. My retainer broke and I was able to come in that day and get it fixed. I’ve had multiple... read more

    Kennedy B. Avatar Kennedy B.
  • Dr. Packer, and his staff, are professional, efficient, and wonderful to work with. My experience is that Dr. Packer is thorough and honest with his assessments and I have full confidence moving forward with his recommendations. I recommend this office... read more

    KLatu M. Avatar KLatu M.
  • I have been going here for as long as I can remember! They are so nice and I had a ton of questions about teeth and how to best take care of them and the information they gave really helped... read more

    Taryn Ramos Avatar Taryn Ramos
  • Dr. Packer is so great. He is friendly, helpful, and he clearly discusses work that needs to be done that is best for the patient. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They always work with us with whatever unique... read more

    Elena Mitchell Avatar Elena Mitchell
  • Always a great experience! Dr. Packer and his staff are wonderful! Really appreciate having a great dentist that takes such good care of his patients.

    Tara C. Avatar Tara C.
  • Dr McKell is AMAZING! Our son broke his two front teeth at the skate park. We called a few other emergency dental offices and got no where since it is a holiday weekend. When we called Dr McKell it was... read more

    Colton Miller Avatar Colton Miller
  • I have been going here for as long as I can remember! They are so nice and I had a ton of questions about teeth and how to best take care of them and the information they gave really helped... read more

    Taryn Ramos Avatar Taryn Ramos

  • Oh my word. BEST dental visit ever! I had to have and old filling taken out and refilled and it REALLY stresses me out to go to the dentist. I've rescheduled it like three times. Today... read more

    Cheri Kay Knutson Campbell
  • Great service and an awesome fitting crown. Thanks!

    Jordan Kratochvil
  • Dr. McKell is capable, careful, conscientious, and caring! I have been very impressed with his skill. He and his staff go the second mile.

    Kaye Garner
  • I love Dr Mckell and Packer Dental! Dr Mckell is great and I am always satisfied with the work they do. The staff is always so friendly and his assistants are sweet. I love their great customer service because they... read more

    Briana Hopkins
  • Dr. Mckell is the best dentist I've ever been to. He had me in and out when I went to him to get my wisdom teeth removed.

    David Kruger
  • Dr. Mckell has been our dentist for at least 15 years. I strayed a few times only because of insurance reasons, but ended up always coming back. He and his staff are so kind and compassionate it really... read more

    Nikki Madsen
  • Dr. Mckell is the best dentist out there. I would not go to anyone else! He does what is best for my teeth. He and his staff always make me feel comfortable and welcome!

    Paige Benjamin
  • Extremely great dentist and staff. Went in for a cleaning after not having one done for quite some time and they very thorough and professional. Without me telling him, Dr. Mckell even seen and fixed some fillings I had done... read more

    Colby Foust
  • This office is awesome from the minute you step in the door. Audrey is at the front desk and is always friendly, could visit with her all day! If you need any information she is quick to find it... read more

    Beth Jenkins Perkins
  • Just took my baby girl in this morning for some intense work, and am so grateful for the time and care taken by Doctor Mckell and his whole staff. It's great to feel such positive energy from their whole office!... read more

    Gina Sidlow
  • Great dentist with unparalleled service and a friendly staff!

    Sean Weitzeil
  • Really friendly people. I started coming this year and I love it. Dr. MCKELL is great!

    Priscila Brenda Zivic Wilson
  • Dr Packer is an excellent dentist! Their office is so friendly and puts my nerves at ease when I have dental work done. The hygienists do a very thorough clean. I'm always so happy with my teeth and smile when... read more

    Laticia Priddis Garces
  • Love McKell Packer Dental! I love that they text me before an appt and the staff is always so friendly and know us by name/face. Love it!

    Leslie Hendricksen
  • I love coming here to get my dental work done. They are extremely professional and very kind and helpful. I feel like I personally get to know everyone that helps me when I come and the results are... read more

    Matt Hutchinson
  • They're all so sweet, and I love coming in to see them!!

    Bailey Jones
  • I would refer him or McKell Packer Dental to any one of my friends or family.

    I have had the privileged to know Dr Mckell Sr. since I was a little girl and then his son Mark Mckell. Him... read more

    Tracy Peart
  • There's no way anyone will ever tell you going to the dentist is fun. My experience with Dr McKell though has been very positive. Today I went in for 2 cavities and a crown. He was very prompt, I didn't... read more

    Jessica Arrowsmith Price
  • I thought this Dental office was fabulous! The staff was friendly. They were quick and efficient in their job. The staff and dentist were personable and altogether wonderful. This is my new dentist and I'm going to tell everyone to... read more

    Rachel Ames Lemieux
  • I love Dr Mckell, he's so nice and amazing! Cares about what is going on in our lives and he's so great about our payments.

    Rebekah Mrykalo
  • Love Dr. Mckell and his staff!

    Douglas Judd
  • Great dentist. Nice office. Professional, friendly staff!

    Jenna Cason Shumway
  • Tammy is the BEST at giving shots!!!! I seriously don't feel a thing.

    Aerin Simmons
  • Dr. McKell has been my dentist for 24 years!! We have moved 13 times in the last 13 years and we just schedule all of our appointments with him when we come back to visit family in Utah. I love... read more

    Natalie Monks Bobik
  • I first found Dr McKell through my orthodontist about 15 years ago. I asked him for a recommendation and he said "Do you want your teeth to be perfect? Go to Dr McKell. He's my dentist!"

    I had lots of... read more

    Emily Haws Russ
  • Dr. Packer is great! His staff is always friendly!

    Shelby Argyle
  • Mark Mckell has been keeping my teeth pearly white and clean for years. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. They treat you like family

    Daniel Stocks
  • Dr. McKell is a wonderful dentist! He is concerned about detail and quality!! Also he has an amazing staff 🙂

    Scott Hendricksen
  • Dr Mckell is always so great and everyone there is so friendly. I've always loved going to the dentist and I believe it's because they always make it such a great experience!

    Karissa Lazarte
  • The staff is WONDERFUL and the new office is beautiful and always immaculate.

    Darcie Roy
  • Amazing dental practice! Love the staff and Dr Packer is such a fantastic dentist! My kids never complain about going to dentist and actually look forward to their 6 month cleanings. Thank you for making it such a pleasant experience... read more

    Cindy Weight Mason
  • I go to Dr. Packer and have been so impressed with the hygienists and his expertise! They are friendly, professional, and just excellent. I was always afraid of dentists (not because of the teeth thing but because I worry... read more

    Carrie Aaron Collette
  • This office has been great--they are always responsive, friendly, prompt, and attentive. Dr. McKell is very skilled and always makes me feel comfortable. His primary concern is the patient and your well being. Definitely recommend this place to anyone!

    Mackenzie Duarte
  • He's a perfectionist

    Steve Rife
  • They are the best choice for dentists in Utah


    Vanessa Wilkerson

Top-Rated Provo Dentists Dr. Mckell and Dr. Packer

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When you visit McKell/Packer Dental YOU are our priority! Dr. McKell and Dr. Packer are top-rated Provo Dentists who utilize the latest technology and training to ensure that you are provided with professional, personalized, and gentle care that you deserve. We want all of our patients who choose our Provo dentist office to have a pleasant experience each and every visit.

We are proud to offer Cosmetic Dentistry that goes beyond all expectations. At McKell/Packer Dental we use the best materials and the highest quality dental lab. This ensures that our patients can have the most natural, beautiful smiles in Provo, Orem, Springville, Spanish Fork, Lindon and Pleasant Grove Utah areas.

For patients who would like to restore missing teeth, our dental implants are the highest quality on the market. This ensures that our dental implants look and feel natural. If you are in the Provo/Orem area and you are looking for Provo dentist, cosmetic dentistry, and/or dental implants, give us a call today!

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