Mckell/Parker Dental advises patients on what to do if their dental crown or filling falls out.

Help! My Dental Crown Fell Out!

Whether it is a small filling or a whole dental crown, these restorative devices can fall out. A filling or crown can become loose because of growing decay underneath the device, which could have eaten away at a part of the tooth that the crown or filling was secured to. Alternatively, an accident or physical trauma…
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Do You Need Braces?

Braces are a right of passage for many teenagers, and even adults can benefit from similar orthodontic devices later in life. Whatever your age, braces require maintenance, can be uncomfortable, and can impact your confidence. However, the benefits of these devices greatly outweigh any discomfort, especially when you consider the positive effect it will have…
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Sugary food items, like candy, are especially bad for your teeth.

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is becoming more and more of an issue in modern society. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the stuff they eat is often the main cause of the reason why their dentist eventually recommends a root canal. Start the New Year off right by following these 5 simple things you can…
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It is as important to keep your tongue clean as it is important to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Everything You Need to Know about Cleaning Your Tongue

Why do I Need to Clean my Tongue? Bacteria builds up on your tongue the same as it builds up between your teeth. The surface of your tongue is covered in tiny bumps, called papillae. Between these bumps are grooves in which bacteria, dead skin cells, and food particles can become trapped. The rest of…
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Mckell/Parker offers advice on what to do in a dental emergency, when you are travelling.

Travelling Abroad? What To Do in a Dental Emergency

If you are planning on travelling abroad in the near future, you may want to visit a dentist before your trip, especially if you have a history of dental issues. However, accidents can happen, and it important to know what you should do in a dental emergency, when you are unable to visit your dentist.…
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If you are experiencing any problems during your recovery from a dental procedure, be sure to contact Mckell/Parker Dental

Are You Experiencing Dental Recovery Issues?

There are a few issues that can arise during the recovery period after a dental surgery or procedure. It is important for you to have an basic understanding of these issues if you have recently had work done or are planning to have work done soon. A basic understanding of these issues will mean it is more…
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