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What to Expect from a Root Canal

An illustration of the inside of a tooth

What to Expect from a Root Canal A root canal is a procedure in which decay is removed from the interior of a tooth. The procedure is named after the area, where the tissue becomes decayed. The root canal is a term to describe the natural cavity in the middle of the tooth. Within the…

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What to Expect from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A comical illustration of a wisdom tooth erupting through the gum tissue

What to Expect from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom tooth extractions are common dental procedures that entail the removal of the bottom and possibly the top row of wisdom teeth. This procedure is normally prescribed to patients whose wisdom teeth are impacted, growing at an angle, or have not erupted into the mouth. Impacted wisdom…

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At McKell/Packer Dental we believe in placing the best Implants that the Dental Field has to offer. Using state of the art technology our Doctors can check bone density and positioning to ensure that your implant is placed precisely every time! No one ever expects that their teeth are going to have to be removed…

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Amalgam Vs. Composite Fillings

A New Kind of Dental Filling Have you ever seen a tooth with a silver filling in it? Not the most aesthetically pleasing material that we can put in our mouth is it? That is why we are proud to give our patients the best that the dental world has to offer! Composite fillings have…

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