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Dental Filling is one of the Most Common Dental Procedures that We Provide at Our Provo, UT Dental Clinic.

If you suffer from a tooth ache, you will probably need a dental filling.

Dental filling is the most common dental procedure that is practiced in dental offices around the world.

The professional team at our Provo Utah dental office will make sure you feel comfortable during the dental filling procedure and will provide you with all the help needed to maintain the health of your teeth and mouth. At our Provo, UT dental office we provide help for the patients in need in Provo, UT and the surrounding cities: Springville, Orem, Payson, Spanish Fork, Lindon, American Fork, and Pleasant Grove.

When Do You Need Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are needed when a tooth is damaged by decay, broken or cracked. At our Provo Utah dental clinic we use this dental treatment when our dentist needs to restore the function of the tooth and also make it appealing for the eye. It is practiced when the cases of cavity is restricted to the dental crown portion, the margins, closure of gaps between the teeth and some other minor dental reparations.

Rosalie's Experience

"Such a caring dental team. I hate getting anesthesia shots, but my fillings and cleaning went very smoothly."

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What to Expect During Dental Filling at Our Provo, UT Dental Clinic?

The first step to treat your tooth is giving a local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. Then Dr. McKell and Dr. Packer from our Provo Utah dental office will remove the decay by cutting through the enamel using a dental drill and removing it completely. After they make sure that the decay is totally removed, they shape the space so it can be filled with the resin. Before filling it, our dentist will etch the tooth with acid gel. After the dental etching, our dentist will fill it with the best dental resins and will make it hard by using a bright light.

Types of Dental Filling Materials that are Used at Our Provo, UT Dental Clinic

There are several types of dental filling materials that are available at our Provo Utah dental clinic. You can choose from gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, plastic or materials that are called composite resin fillings. The type of dental filling that our dentists will use to repair the tooth will depend on the wish of the customer.

Kristina's Experience

"Today I had to get a couple of fillings done. I was nervous but Dr Packer made me feel at ease and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. It was great quick in and out. Love Dr Packer all of his staff is amazing!!!"

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Dr. McKell and Dr. Packer Recommendations and Advice

Every person in their life will need to make a dental filling. The life span of the dental filling depends on the habits of the person and how well they take care of your teeth. If you notice a crack on your dental filling we recommend you to come at our Provo, UT dental office and replace it as soon as possible. Because of the extensive wear and tear your teeth undergo every day, eventually all fillings need to be replaced.

The easiest way to avoid dental fillings is to maintain good oral hygiene and most important to have regular dental checkups at our Provo Utah location.

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