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Help! My Dental Crown Fell Out!

See your dentist as soon as possible if your dental crown or filling falls out.

Whether it is a small filling or a whole dental crown, these restorative devices can fall out. A filling or crown can become loose because of growing decay underneath the device, which could have eaten away at a part of the tooth that the crown or filling was secured to. Alternatively, an accident or physical…

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Do You Need Braces?

Braces can improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile and have great dental health benefits.

Braces are a right of passage for many teenagers, and even adults can benefit from similar orthodontic devices later in life. Whatever your age, braces require maintenance, can be uncomfortable, and can impact your confidence. However, the benefits of these devices greatly outweigh any discomfort, especially when you consider the positive effect it will have…

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Foods to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay

Sweet food items are the number 1 items to avoid to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is becoming more and more of an issue in modern society. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the stuff they eat is often the main cause of the reason why their dentist eventually recommends a root canal. Start the New Year off right by following these 5 simple things you…

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Travelling Abroad? What To Do in a Dental Emergency

A combination of logos for emergency medical services.

If you are planning on travelling abroad in the near future, you may want to visit a dentist before your trip, especially if you have a history of dental issues. However, accidents can happen, and it important to know what you should do in a dental emergency, when you are unable to visit your dentist.…

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Are You Experiencing Dental Recovery Issues?

The interior of a dentist's office.

There are a few issues that can arise during the recovery period after a dental surgery or procedure. It is important for you to have an basic understanding of these issues if you have recently had work done or are planning to have work done soon. A basic understanding of these issues will mean it…

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What to Expect from a Dental Cleaning

A woman undergoes a dental cleaning.

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, or first time patients who do not know what to expect, dental cleanings can be daunting. However, knowing exactly what is going on during the cleaning can help ease your stress and allow you to better enjoy the process. The Six Steps of a Dental Cleaning 1. A…

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Why Your Dental Checkup is so Important

A dentist shows a patient their dental x-rays.

Your regular dental checkups may not seem worth the effort, but missing out on these dentist visits can be detrimental to your health. Oral issues can occur and progress without a person noticing, until it is too late. Regular checkups help you keep on top of your dental health, over and above what you can…

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Make your own Dental First Aid Kit

An example of a dental first aid kit.

Whether you are a teacher, sports coach, or a parent with sporty or boisterous children, there may be a time where children lose or damage a tooth. The best thing to be in these situations is prepared. Here is a list of what you may want to have on hand during a dental emergency. Although…

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What to Expect from a Root Canal

An illustration of the inside of a tooth

What to Expect from a Root Canal A root canal is a procedure in which decay is removed from the interior of a tooth. The procedure is named after the area, where the tissue becomes decayed. The root canal is a term to describe the natural cavity in the middle of the tooth. Within the…

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What to Expect from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A comical illustration of a wisdom tooth erupting through the gum tissue

What to Expect from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Wisdom tooth extractions are common dental procedures that entail the removal of the bottom and possibly the top row of wisdom teeth. This procedure is normally prescribed to patients whose wisdom teeth are impacted, growing at an angle, or have not erupted into the mouth. Impacted wisdom…

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